Citizen Spy network rolls out across Britain – Tell Theressa May MP you don’t support her!

The controversial ‘Prevent’ program, originally set up to combat home grown extremism after the 7/7 inquest has today morphed into a disturbing network of Citizen Spys.

Members of the public and even some of the mainstream media have expressed outrage at the Nazi style measures being brought in under the guise of ‘security’, in a chilling plan, outlined by Home Secretary, Theresa May in Parliament yesterday.

Among the disturbing insights into this Stalinist control grid are the revelations that your GP will now be required to monitor your behaviour and report any suspicious persons to the Prevent authorities. Kiss goodbye to your confidential patient – doctor relationship and welcome to Nazi Britain.

In a significant move towards normalization of full spectram surveillance in the UK, it is impossible to ignore the obvious parallels to be drawn with Nazi Germany.

Other governments in history to have employed a similar Citizen Spy network include Leninist Russia, Stalin’s Rusia, Mao’s China, Mugabe’s Zimbabwe and Mussolini’s Italy. A scary list.

In fact, looking at history, you will find that without fail, every  government which has employed these tactics end up committing henous crimes against their people. Every time.

The overtones of an Orwellian nightmare where the ‘thought police’ arrest you for ‘pre crime’ is only too real in todays Fascist Britain.

The Prevent network is disturbing for every British citizen as it the authorities can now presume guilt upon innocent individuals before any actual crime has even occurred. A doctor’s mere perception that a patient may one day become a terrorist, or may be susceptible to becoming one based on a perceived personality trait, is enough to get that patient reported to authorities under the new proposals.

I am urging all readers and listeners to spread this information as far and wide as possible. This is so important and we cannot allow this president to be set. The Government have no right to operate in this manner.  History shows us how dangerous this is.

If you feel as strongly about this as I do, let Theressa May know that the British people are NOT with her. She is YOUR representative and she must answer to YOU, not her political masters!

Theressa May’s contact details:


Rt Hon Theresa May MP
House of Commons
Tel: 020 7219 5206
Fax: 020 7219 1145


Maidenhead Conservative Association
2 Castle End Farm
RG10 9XQ
Tel: 0118 934 5433 or 01628 604 961
Fax: 0118 934 5288


If you live in the Maidenhead constituency then Theresa May says she ‘would be happy to discuss any issues of concern at one of her regular surgeries’. I hope she does but somehow I doubt it, To get in you have to contact her Secretary (also your public servant), Jenny Sharkey, on 020 7219 5206 or emailsharkeyj@parliament.uk.



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