Mission statement

It is my intention only to wake people from their slumber. I am interested solely in exposing the political, scientific, social, historical and legal manipulation of humanity and as such:

  • I have no interest in personal gain of a financial or social manner.
  • No positive change has ever been achieved through violent actions and I will remain entirely peaceful at all times, I will try to encourage others to do the same.
  • Please DO NOT donate! You will not see a donate button on my site. I do not want your money. I work for a living and I intend to continue to use my (very!) modest income to fund this.
  • If I ever produce any media, videos, books etc in my effort to unlock minds, they will be either given away free or sold at cost.
  • I am associated with NO group, neither political, religious or social. I may offer my support to groups and campaigns but this doesn’t mean I am a member or affiliate. I want to see the world break the shackles of our prison and I support anyone who is working towards this. I have nothing against anyone who chooses to follow any group or leader/s.
  • I will never get involved in any sort of infighting within the ‘truth’ movement.  I have no comment to make with regard the conduct or connections of others. It is the information that matters and we need to stop bickering amongst ourselves and get this mess sorted out.

May you carry the flag of freedom, wherever you go.




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